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Related article: make, not forgetting the truth of the old saying, Oh that my emeny some day may write a book ! Borderer. .4l h ' n ^ ! gj The Sportsman's Library. Mb. MiLLAis' new book,* in size, form and general get-up, is similar to his previous works, " A Breath from the Ve!dt" and "British Deer and their Horns," and in merit and interest well deserves a place beside them. He gives us here the cream of his exoerience as a wild fowler on the East Coast of Scotland with shoulder and punt gun; and as he began his career when eleven years old, with an independence almost precocious, hundred proofs of the photographic accuracy with which he notes the passing attitudes and postures of birds in every variety of circum- stance. It would be hard to say whether he is keener as a sports- man or naturalist, for he is equally persevering in his endeavours Noroxin Tablets to make a bag or to collect a speci- men. Having devoted his atten- tion for many years past to the task of obtaining series of specimens to show the plumage of each bird and his enthusiasm has grown with years, he is entitled to rank as an authority on the subject. In one respect he stands quite alone among naturalist-sportsmen; and that is in the accomplishment which he inherits from his gifted father. No artist of the day can equal Mr. Millais in the extra- ordinary skill wherewith he puts his birds, alive, dying, or dead upon paper. The beautiful plates which adorn this book afford a - "Tbe WildfAwler in Smtland.-' Bv John GuSlle Millaii: with Co llliutntiDiu, sod rnniit. (HeabythelateSic John Millnii, P.R.A. (Long- MAU.OWS AND ON TUB Win. in its various stages of age and , seasonal change, he has come to the conclusion that it takes about fifteen years to complele such a collection: his own probably lacks little by this time, but he is none the less keen whether on the mud- flats or in the punt. Mr. Millais, we are glad to see, voices the opinion we have long cherished : to wit; that " to the young ^hooter there is absolutely, DO training in the world to com- pare with shore shooting for two seasons." The splash of the shot in the water tells him exactly how 268 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April he held his gun: whether behind or before, above or below his mark; and with tliis silent mentor to point out mistakes, he cannot fail to learn how to judge distance and pace. We are accustomed to hearing the assertion that the$e islands of ours are shot out for all but those who can afford to pay high shooting rents. Mr. Millais demonstrates the magnitude of this error; there are many places along the coast of Scotland where capital rough sport may still be had by those who care to seek Jthem out and work for their bag; the author mentions a few of the preserved areas; but is wisely reticent about the free and open grounds. The book is most plea- santly written and appeals to many interests: there is adventure in it and sport, and there, are many passages which again betray that talent for observation that goes so far to make his pictures what they are. The extraordinary popularity which has recently been attained by " Bridge '* has led Mr. Frank Haddan to investigate the Russian national card game, Vint,* which possesses many of the features of the game of Bridge whilst it appears in every way to be a more complicated and difficult affair. The respective Buy Noroxin Online value of the suits is the same as at Bridge, spades being the lowest and ** without trumps" the highest, but Noroxin 400mg the busi- ness of making trumps is difficult, for although the dealer has the first right of proposing what game shall be played he can be over- called by any other player who desires to make the game higher, the chance of raising the game going round, as at Poker, until *